Who can participate?

Everybody can. Oripeau’s contributors are from all over the world and are artists of all disciplines and career levels: Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Architects,  Designers, Painters, Photographers, Calligraphers, Street Artists, etc.

Which format?

For Nantes (FRA) and for Montreal (CAN)

Max size 175 × 91 cm / 72 × 36 in, 200 DPI maximum.
No crop marks.
File name : Titre of your image – by  Auteur’s name.pdf
Send your.pdf file to


However, it’s not necessary to use the max format (like everyone else).

Where are boards?

One board is installed on the wall of Trempo in Nantes, France. It’s in a new cultural and touristic area of Nantes. → Explore on Google map.

Another board is installed in Montreal, Canada.

How does it work?

It’s simple! We select 80 contributions per year. Send your.pdf file to

We meet twice a year to choose, every August 31 and January 1.

When your work is selected for one of the next Oripeau, you will receive a confirmation message. When your work is on display, we will send you photos of it.

Color or black and white?

Either way you like. But a color print may cost you (Sorry, our budget is limited :'( ). If you want a color print, we will discuss it together. Also, if you have other fun ideas like this and that, let us know!

It’s free?

A black and white print is free. A color print may cost.

Any subject?

There is no subject or no editorial line. Oripeau is a free project: all styles are welcome.

Any deadline?

There is no deadline.

Send more than one contribution?

Of course you can! Go to Keith Kitz‘s page for example to get an idea.

Another question?

Please, contact us at 🙂

Oripeau is a participative graphic design project in constant evolution. The website too: every week, we improve it a little bit. ↦ Read more.